Your Live Vegan Food Is Ready!

Do we have to cook our food to 'death' ?

In this RAW LIVE UNCOOKED training you will learn the fundamentals of how to prepare satisfying and nourishing meals the live food way! I will walk you through the live food essentials that feed your taste buds along your journey.

You will learn how to work with fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds combination with fresh herbs to create all your favorite pasta, burger, seafood, taco, pizza, and sweet treat dreams!

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When I first heard of raw vegan food, I imagined plates of lettuce and bland salads. That ain't it!

Raw live uncooked food should be full of flavor! In this series you will learn how to make sauce that you can personalize to your dish. You will make sauce using fresh ingredients that bring the familiar flavor profiles of your favorite dishes.

You will also learn how to make vegan meats for taco night, burgers, and tuna.

And , of course, you need a crash course on managing your sweet tooth without all the refined sugars. We will make simple cookies, brownies and tarts that will keep your food creativity flowing!

You will receive a zoom link to join in on the live session or you can view the replay of the course whenever you like. (lifetime access) You will also receive a pdf of each of the recipes in the class.